Woodline iPhone 8 Case

The World's Thinnest, Strongest Wooden Cases for iPhone 8

Woodline iPhone 8 Case

  • American Cherry
  • Zebra Wood

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Woodline iPhone 8 Case Video Woodline iPhone 8 Case Video

Product Details

  • Slim & secure snap-fit design
  • Fits iPhone 8 Perfectly
  • Fully compatible with wireless charging
  • Real FSC certified hardwood case
  • Made with an ultra-strong Aramid polymer core
  • Less than a millimeter thin (0.9 millimeters)
  • 5X stronger than steel at the same weight
  • Excellent iPhone protection
  • Scratch-resistant polished wood
  • Access to all ports
  • Compatible with iPhone flash
  • Each craftsman's signature is subtly placed on the interior behind the iPhone after being hand-finished.
  • Free domestic shipping
  • 30-day money back promise & 1-year warranty
  • Core made with DuPont™ Kevlar® Aramid
  • Dimensions: 6.25 in x 3.15in


An iPhone 8 Case That Relies On The Strength of Nature


If there is one central tenant to our family’s ethos, it is that a profound awe and respect for nature. That’s why everything we create here are Pad & Quill must be tied to it. For our Woodline, what we loved about it at first sight was the wildly apparent beauty of the wood grain. And then to add to that, is doesn't just look gorgeous, it also offers superb strength. Wood is strong on its own, but the ultra-strong Aramid polymer core combines with the inherent strength of the wood to offer 5 times the strength as steel ounce for ounce. It does all of this while adding only less than a millimeter of thickness to your iPhone.

Choose from 2 stunning hand finished hardwoods: American Cherry and Zebra Wood. Both offer an elegance only nature can provide while also cradling your iPhone in a blanket of protection. Each case is unique as the wood it was cut from. The lines of the wood grain that stood alone in nature are now entirely yours.