Men's Leather Wallets & Office Accessories

Men's Leather Wallets & Office Accessories

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Full Grain Leather Wallets & Office Desk Accessories

Few items get as much wear and tear on a daily basis as wallets do. When we designed our wallets for men and our wallets for women, we put them through a rigorous testing process and refined them through the fire of experience. We know that not everyone wants exactly the same things in wallets. Some need a skinny wallet and some want a big fat wallet, others want a leather money clip wallet and some want a minimalist wallet. That's why we made a variety of unique wallets.

If you are looking for men's wallets either for a gift or for yourself, we suggest starting with the front pocket wallet. It's slim, efficient and easy to use with a pull tab. If you are looking for one of the best women's wallets, the Leather Clutch Wallet for iPhone comes with a purse wristlet strap and pairs well with our Leather Tote. We also have a couple billfold wallets that might suit your taste as well.

Everyone's workspace should be a happy one. Spice up your home office desk with some of our super cool desk accessories. While this decor line can suit both men and women, we have few particular recommendations for desk accessories for men. The large leather desk pad creates a manly vintage inspired look to a home office desk. And for desk accessories for women, the Apple Pencil stand is gorgeous and unique. Both men and women alike will appreciate the home office ideas of using the small and large leather desk organizer trays to create a neat, organized space for a small home office or even a nightstand.