Traveler LeatherSafe™ iPhone 12 Pro Cases

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The Traveler leather bumper case for iPhone 12 Pro is inspired by our father's coin purse and is a tribute to him and the artisan. All-leather construction protective bumper case with MagSafe compatibility. 


  • Handmade artisan leather bumper case, no plastic used.
  • MagSafe compatibility!
  • Durable with 2-meter drop protection
  • Soft American full-grain leather
  • Secure tension-fit that shapes to your iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 in Screen)
  • UV-resistant nylon stitching
  • All ports/cameras accessible
  • Volume Buttons fully functional & easily accessible through the leather
  • Dimensions: 6in x 3in x 0.5in
  • 25-year leather warranty & 30-day Money Back Promise
  • Compatible with Qi wireless charging


The Only Handmade All-Leather iPhone 12 Pro Case with MagSafe.

Inspired by my dad, made by the artisan.

One of the beautiful parts of owning a leather company is how your passions can meet and create something wonderful. The Traveler LeatherSafe case is an example of this as my memories of my dad's old coin purse, one he carried everywhere, inspired the construction of the world's first ALL leather iPhone 12 Pro case. When you hold this case in your hand, you hold our memories and the craft of the skilled artisan. 

We are very excited that this case offers MagSafe compatibility that is built into every iPhone 12 Pro. We use American full-grain leathers and parachute-grade stitching along with a magnet array. This creates a secure case that can withstand the dreaded fumble or drop and charge magnetically.

Break this case in! This case will take a short bit of time to break-in, but the process is worth the journey as the case ages and tells your story. 

We are so proud of these cases and I think Dad would have been proud of us! 

Brian (Mr. PQ)

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