Traveler Leather iPhone X Case

The Absolute Best iPhone X Cases Made of 100% Full-Grain Leather

Traveler Leather iPhone X Case

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Product Details


  • Handmade 100% leather bumper case
  • Fully wireless charging compatible
  • Durable & protective
  • Soft American full-grain leather
  • Secure tension-fit that shapes to your phone
  • Easy push/snap-in installation
  • UV-resistant nylon stitching
  • All ports/cameras accessible
  • Siri/Volume Buttons fully functional & easily accessible through leather
  • Dimensions: 5.85" x 3" x 0.5"
  • 25-year leather warranty & 30-day Money Back Promise

World's First Handmade All-Leather iPhone X Case, Inspired By My Father

It all started with finding my dad's coin pouch...

As a family company here at Pad & Quill, we draw on very personal experiences to make our products and this Traveler Leather Bumper Case is a great example of that. It all started when I came across my Dad's old leather coin pouch (pictured above). It had so much history and memory attached to it because my Dad was a very generous man who carried it everywhere and handed out coins to strangers on the street and sometimes to me too, to get ice cream. As I looked over it, what stood out to me was how I loved the walled leather construction it had, so I set out to use that idea at Pad & Quill in an all-new iPhone case unlike anything else out there.

It took 3-4 years of prototyping, working out design kinks, testing and even developing our own proprietary retainment system that ended up in the final model, but the end result was worth it: a gorgeous full-grain ALL leather iPhone X bumper case with our uniquely designed walled construction that securely holds and molds to your iPhone X. It fits on your iPhone, and in your hand, like a glove.

All ports on the Traveler bumper case for iPhone X are accessible and all buttons are protected. Please note: The leather covering the Siri & Volume buttons breaks in after a few days of use and works wonderfully! Completely handmade, the Traveler case is 100% compatible with wireless charging, totally unique, and backed with our famous 25-year leather warranty. There's nothing else quite like it, and we are proud to make the world's best handmade all-leather iPhone X bumper case.

Dad would have been proud too.

Brian (Mr. PQ)