Crafted Leather Travel Bags

Crafted Leather Travel Bags

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  1. Heritage Leather Duffle Bags

    The Heritage Leather Duffle Bag is a luxurious weekend bag by Pad & Quill. A spacious luxury duffle bag with room for laptop and more. Includes a 25-year leather warranty. Learn More
  2. TechFolio Travel Cord Organizers

    A Travel Cord Organizer to ensure no cable is left behind. A wrap up style cord management solution that holds hard drives, MacBook chargers, SD cards and plenty of cables. Handmade with a 25 Year warranty.

    Learn More
  3. TechFolio Pro Cord Organizers

    An Executive Leather Organizer with an amazing array of storage areas that wraps up neatly and fits in your messenger bag. The compartments hold hard drives, MacBook chargers, lightning cables, dongles and more. Artisan crafted with a 25 Year warranty.

    Learn More
  4. Valet Leather iPad Pro Bag

    The Valet Leather Bag for iPad Pro is a full grain leather slim bag for carrying all your essentials including iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, keyboard, cables and notebook.

    Learn More
  5. Valet Leather Bags for 13 Inch Laptops

    The Valet leather bag for 13 inch laptops and large iPad Pro's is a postal style carry sleeve and bag that bundles all the essential technology and accessories.

    Learn More
  6. Leather Shoulder Strap

    The Briefcase Shoulder Strap by Pad & Quill Learn More
  7. Luggage Strap For Heritage Satchel Bag

    Full Grain Leather Luggage Strap for Pad and Quill Satchel Bag

    Learn More
  8. Canvas Wax

    All natural canvas wax that refreshes and restores your canvas bag. Learn More

  9. Leather Balm

    Leather conditioning cream that refreshes and restores your leather. Learn More

  10. Mighty Quarter Leather Keychain

    The Mighty Quarter Leather Keychain Learn More

Leather Travel Bags That Go the Distance

Explore Well, Carry Even Better With Our Unique Leather Duffle Bags and Laptop Bags

Having just arrived in London, you carry your PQ black leather duffle bag onto the train just in time for last call. You are heading north to Scotland to enjoy time with friends, sipping some fine aged scotch. Your leather travel gear speaks volumes about you - refined, rugged, and ready for some adventure. 

Travel is many things. It is exciting, romantic, demanding, and sometimes even exhausting. That is why you need leather bags that can take the beating of transit while adding comfort to your travels. Whether you are looking for travel bags for men or travel bags for women, we have just the right thing. We use robust full-grain leather and marine-grade nylon stitching that is so strong it is used to make parachutes, making for an incredibly tough leather bag.

An awesome 48 hour bag is often where legendary weekends start. Our leather duffle bags for men and women are swimming in space, yet tighten up compactly with straps and zippers, so you can hit the road. As far as carry-on bags go, this one is a winner! One word of caution though, people will compliment you on this bag over and over in the airport. This is the small price one must pay for crafted style.

Welcome to the Pad & Quill family!