The Quill Wooden Rollerball Pen

Handcrafted Luxury Wooden Pen for Creatives

The Quill Wooden Rollerball Pen

  • Reclaimed Walnut Barnwood
  • Rescued Wild Black Cherry

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Product Details


  • Handcrafted luxury pen hewn from real reclaimed hardwoods
  • Guaranteed for life
  • Two Wood Choices: Reclaimed Walnut Barnwood & Rescued Wild Black Cherry
  • Chrome Plated Cap and Clip
  • Precision engineered 110mm Japanese Ceramic rollerball ink
  • Slim body for a world-class writing experience
  • Full-grain leather carrying case
  • Length closed: 5.10 inches
  • Length without cap: 4.75 inches
  • Length with cap posted: 7.60 inches
  • Diameter: .45 inches
  • Weight 1.1 oz


Pad, Meet Quill. Our Luxurious Wooden Rollerball Pen Crafted From Rescued Hardwoods


This is more than just a pen. It is a work of art. It is a work of art from which your ideas can flow. From rescued hardwoods to the highest quality inks to the satisfying snap of the pen cap, we have put extraordinary effort into every aspect of this luxury pen’s construction. Here is a little about that process:

The Wood:


First, we have to select the perfect wood by hand. The best hardwoods have stories and a history. We have rescued beautifully rich hardwoods that reveal their true inner beauty under the skilled hands of our craftsmen & women. Turned in a lathe to perfect smoothness and hand stained so that the gorgeous grain shines through.

Rescued Wild Black Cherry: The cherry tree is an icon of the American South. Cherry wood has a stunningly beautiful grain and is among the most premium choices for flooring and furniture. Our partner rescues these beauties from the chipper, kiln dries them and provides them to us to create beautiful works of art.

Reclaimed Walnut: Reclaimed from turn-of-the-century barns, our walnut is old growth timber that is the progeny of the great forests that once covered almost all of North America. The walnut wood's deep hue, swirling grain, and subtle flame-like color variations make it very sought-after among woodworkers and furniture makers. We have given this amazing wood a second life once more as a luxury pen.

The Ink:


Our pen doesn’t just look gorgeous, it works with incredible efficiency too. That’s due to the ceramic tipped rollerball ink cartridge from Ohto, precision engineered in Japan like it has been for decades. Rollerball pens provide the smoothest most enjoyably luxurious writing experience there is and are sought after by luxury pen collectors.

The ceramic tip provides a soft flow feel that is just right. Ceramic is extremely durable and will never rust. Rather, it will continue to provide years of smooth writing. The small craters in the ceramic ensure a steady flow of ink and also ensure the continual good flow of your ideas.