The Quill Pencil Case DICONTINUED


Magnetic Leather Apple Pencil Holder

The Quill Pencil Case DICONTINUED

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  • Galloper Black

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The Quill Pencil Case DICONTINUED Video The Quill Pencil Case DICONTINUED Video

Product Details

Quill Features:

  • Secure protection for Apple Pencil
  • Built-in cap holder
  • Full-grain leather
  • Marine grade stitching
  • Hidden magnets attach to a 10.5" and 9.7" iPad Pro Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard Cover
  • Dimensions: 7 1/8” x 3/4”


Meet The Leather Quill Case For Apple Pencil


If you are anything like us, your Apple Pencil is always getting itself lost. The Pencil's persnicketiness is only to be outdone by its eternally misplaced Pencil charger cap. The Quill case is our beautiful solution to both these issues.

The Quill secures the Apple Pencil safely inside a full-grain leather case that will look more and more beautiful with age. An integrated Apple Pencil cap holder at the top holds the stylus securely in place no matter where you put it, and keeps your cap snug as a bug in a rug. The stitching is marine-grade nylon, and won't wear out. In fact, it is so sturdy that they use it to make parachutes.

If you are an owner of a 10.5 or 9.7 iPad Pro, the Quill offers a special feature just for you. The Quill Case magnetically locks to the Apple Smart Cover or the Smart Keyboard Cover for iPad Pro 10.5 and 9.7. Just slap it on there and you won't lose your Pencil all day long. Useful, ingenious, beautiful. Meet the Quill Apple Pencil holder & case.