Luxury Leather Briefcase For Men

Full-Grain Leather Laptop Briefcase

Luxury Leather Briefcase For Men

  • Galloper Black with Chestnut Leather
  • Galloper Black with Whiskey Leather

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Product Details

Luxury Briefcase Features:

  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Fits up to a 15-inch laptop
  • Works great as an iPad Pro bag
  • Full-grain, American cowhide leather

  • Ultra-durable pigskin lining
  • Two internal dividers with five internal pockets
  • Two Quick-Access newspaper pockets
  • Japanese polished nickel zipper
  • Water resistant leather overlay
  • Parachute-grade, UV resistant nylon stitching
  • Solid nickel hardware
  • Recessible leather handles
  • Adjustable and removable bridle leather shoulder strap

  • Each bag crafted and hand signed by the artisan
  • 25-year warranty & 30 Day Money Back Promise
  • Dimensions 15 W x 11 L x 4.25 D
  • Weight 3lb


A Luxury Leather Briefcase for Men on the Move

Your briefcase says a lot about you. Make a statement. Crafted to see how far we could push our leather artisans, this bag is built for the dreamers, the visionaries, and those who follow their own path. The world is changing, and with it so are the needs of a modern briefcase. Honoring the past while embracing the future, we built this bag to be capable of going with you from work to play effortlessly.

Our Full Grain Leather: Unparalleled.

Our leather artisans hand-select the best of the best full-grain American saddle leather for crafting this bag. Mineral tanned and oil-waxed to resist water damage and stains while aging like a fine whiskey. Break it in, we dare you. Our tremendously durable leather makes this a durably beautiful bag that will faithfully last decades and only improve with use.

Our Artisans: Qualified.

Our artisans and craftspeople have been doing this for generations. They bring the best of old-world craftsmanship techniques into the modern age for astounding results. Each piece of leather and canvas is inspected, cut, and stitched with care. Inside you will find a discreetly placed signature, the autograph of the artisan who made your bag. That way you will know who to thank when you first lay eyes on this bag.

Our Hardware: Unbreakable.

Forged nickel hardware with high brass content and rivets at key stress points make this bag super rugged. Even the metal zipper is the finest zipper on the market, built to exacting standards in Japan, and polished to be buttery soft and durable.

Our Weatherproofing: Dependable.

There will be no raining on your parade. Full-grain, pre-waxed and oiled leather is naturally water and stain resistant. There is no need to treat this leather or protect it from the elements. It is all held together with marine grade, UV-resistant stitching that will last well beyond the maturing of your 401K.

Our Promise: Satisfaction Guaranteed

We back every bag with our famous 25-year leather warranty and a 30-day money back promise. Whether you carry reams of paperwork, a 15" laptop, or an iPad Pro, this is your go-to-do-it-all everyday carry.