The Gladstone Luxury Leather Backpack

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One hundred sixty-five years in the making. The Gladstone Leather backpack and cord organizer redefine the useful and beautiful aspects of the Gladstone leather bag closure. Crafted by hand, made to tell your story.

Gladstone Luxury Leather Backpack Features:

  • Absolute finest American full-grain leather
  • Stylish & durable upholstery grade herringbone fabric lining
  • Iconic Gladstone ultra-wide hinged opening with spacious interior
  • Built-in Techfolio with removable cord organizer
  • Tuck-away shoulder straps and Luggage Handle Holder
  • Padded pocket fits up to 16-inch MacBook Pro or similar laptop
  • Ergonomic leather and textile padded shoulder straps. 
  • Large zipper pocket
  • Two side slip pockets
  • The bag secures shut with a strap and rivet closure
  • Extremely durable sailcloth stitching
  • Weight: 5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 16 tall x 11.7 wide x 6.5 deep in inches
  • 25-year leather warranty


Crafted On The Back Of 165 Years Of Inspiration. The Gladstone Backpack. 

One hundred sixty-five years ago, Edward Cole of England submitted a patent for "An Improvement In The Frames Of Traveling Bags" and thus was born the Heritage Gladstone Briefcase Bag. Since then, it has been adopted by people from all walks of life, from Prime Ministers to Physicians to savvy businessmen and even airline pilots. We are proud to bring this tried and true design to Pad & Quill leather bags.

We're not sure that Mr. Cole envisioned a laptop backpack with the Gladstone closure, but we are certain that he would have approved of this one. This luxurious backpack has tuck-away shoulder straps, allowing two different daily carry forms and style.  American full grain leather, upholstery grade herringbone cloth, and a built-in Techfolio make this leather bag an outstanding addition to the Gladstone leather bag collection.


The Iconic Gladstone Hinged Opening

The real genius of this backpack is the wide gladstone opening for easily accessing your items. The hinge is built with strong Chicago-style rivet closure designed to last. Where other briefcases totter between being too hard to get into, and on the other side of the coin, too easy to open and spill everything out, the Gladstone Men's Briefcase offers an elegant solution. Pull it open, get to what you need, and swivel it shut. Then secure it all with a strap and rivet.

Full-Grain Leather That Lasts and Lasts

A truly magnificent briefcase must become more than the sum of its parts, but for that to happen, we must start with the very best materials. We've sourced full-grain leather that is the best in the world. Working with American-sourced steer hides, we hand-select only the best portions and use those to create the Gladstone backpacks.  This leather is so high quality that it has "patina potential." As you handle it over the years, the leather is made to take on a distinctive and beautiful well-worn charm (a patina). Age only adds to its beauty!

Sophisticated Herringbone Fabric Interior

Herringbone is an enduring classic pattern in luxury items from fine suits to high-end furniture accents. We sourced an incredibly high-end (and expensive) upholstery-grade Herringbone fabric for the interior of the briefcase because we wanted a perfect balance of durability and stunningly beautiful. It also provides an elegantly contrasting background to help you see your items in the backpack.

Enough Space for an Office On the Go

A true office on the go. This leather backpack can hold up to a 16-inch macbook pro and much more. We've even included a built-in Techfolio cord organizer that provides all the necessary places to organize cords, mice, charging bricks, and more. The main interior compartment is spacious yet thoughtfully distributed. The outside also features more slip pockets. All this tucks away and is carriable with two comfortable handles and a shoulder strap.

Our Confidence in Our Artistry

We are not looking to make another backpack, we are looking to make a unique leather item that will last for decades and tell your story. We know that the work of our Artisans is unparalleled, and we show that confidence with a 25-year leather warranty. On the inside of each bag, we have discreetly made room for the Artisan to sign their name as a testament to their skill. That way, when you get your hands on this bag, you feel the quality that went into making it just for you. Welcome to the Pad & Quill family.


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