The Attache Leather Messenger Bag

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The Attaché Leather Messenger bag has a padded 16-inch sized laptop pocket, iPad pocket, and plentiful other storage areas. All brought together by artisan hands and USA-sourced leather.

Leather Attaché Features:

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  • American full-grain leather. We are using the really good stuff
  • Very strong and durable hardware
  • Beautifully hand pounded and pleated expanding front pockets
  • Discreetly signed by the artisan on the interior
  • Padded and secure iPad Pro 10.5 or 11 pocket
  • Padded Laptop pocket holds up to a 16 inch MacBook or similar laptop
  • Fits any of our Cartella or Aria cases for MacBook
  • Beautiful hand-pounded copper rivets at key stress points
  • Recessing double-layered leather handle
  • Quick access newspaper pocket
  • UV-resistant Marine-grade stitching
  • Signature orange soft cotton lining
  • 25-year leather warranty & 30-day money back promise
  • Classic Pad & Quill bookmark accents
  • Weight: 5 lb.
  • Dimensions: 14" W x 12.5" H x 5" D


The Ultimate Men's Leather Bag by Pad & Quill

A bag should feel both practical in it's daily use and also luxuious enought to make a statement to others who pass by. You are not someone who wants to blend in with every other commuter, you expect to stand out and the Attache leather bag is ready to contribute to that effort. This bag will beautifully break in as you use it, age it and the deep rich patina will tell a story, your story. 

When we set out to design this product, we took cue's from our most popular bag to date, The Messenger.  With that foundation we began to build, refine, upgrade and eventually produce a luxury leather bag that clearly meets the demands of utility, luxury and style. 

We started with American Full Grain hides, the very best leather you can source in the world. We then made an all leather exterior bag with even more room then our Messenger and added gorgeous pleated pockets that are hand pounded. They expand as well to carry just about any cords or hard drives that need tucking away. Inside we have spacious padded laptop pockets, iPad pockets and various other area's to store your essential daily carry items.

The interior is lined with a soft cloth and you'll note little dashes of a beautiful soft orange suede here and there. That's our tribute to World Vision. We used hand pounded copper rivets at key stress points and UV resistant stitch that will hold up for years and years...well for 25 years at least. That's because all of our leather bags come with a 25 year leather warranty and 30 day money back promise.

Finally there is a sewn leather patch inside that has the signature of the person who hand crafted your leather bag. That is the artisan signature and that is one of our key passions here at PQ, to celebrate the Artisan. 

Welcome to making a statement with your bag, welcome to the family here at Pad & Quill. 

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