Heritage Rolltop Leather Laptop Backpack

Weatherproof 15" Laptop Backpack

Heritage Rolltop Leather Laptop Backpack

  • Chestnut
  • Whiskey
  • Galloper Black


Ships on or before Friday, April 10

Heritage Rolltop Leather Laptop Backpack Video Heritage Rolltop Leather Laptop Backpack Video

Product Details

Rolltop Backpack's Features:

  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Water-resistant rolling leather cover flap
  • Designed for quick and simple access to contents
  • Quick side access zippered opening
  • Fits up to a 15-inch laptop with dedicated pocket
  • Exterior pocket
  • Full-grain, American bridle leather
  • Parachute-grade UV-resistant stitching
  • Hand-pounded copper rivets
  • Internal zippered pocket
  • Extremely durable brass hardware
  • Side-buckle closures
  • 25-year warranty & 30 Day Money Back Promise
  • Dimensions 12in W x 16in L x 4.7in D (Open Length 25in)
  • Weight 3lb


Haversack No More, The Heritage Rolltop Backpack is Here


The trusty backpack, with us from youth to college and beyond. As we move through the many and varied changes in life, our every day carrying needs change too. We need something versatile, something sturdy, something special. The Heritage Rolltop offers timeless style. Its tight profile keeps your tech in place while also not bulking up the bag. We built in a special side zipper access point so that you don't have to unroll the bag everytime you need a little something.

But first, the Leather...

Ohhhh the leather... It is just the embodiment of beauty and form. We start out by perusing through the hides and selecting only the best, and off to the tannery they go to transition from that raw form to the supple and rich hues of Whiskey, Chestnut, Chocolate, and Galloper Black leather.

And Our Artisans Make it Even Better...

Here at Pad & Quill, we say "Artisan over automation," wherever possible. Why? Just look at what our artisans can do. There is an attention to detail and design that the trained eye of a craftsman brings to the table that just can't be replicated. Age old techniques imbue more than expert technicalities into the end product. It comes out more than the sum of its parts. And that's why each proud Artisan signs discreetly inside each bag as the finishing touch.

What Binds Us Together... Durable Stitching

As the saying goes, you are only as strong as your weakest link... There are no weak links in our stitching because we use the same nylon stitching that is used to construct parachutes. It is UV-resistant and as tough as they come. The construction techniques we use are so beautiful that the stitching is a feature that stands out rather than fading into the background.

Weatherproof Rolltop Lets You Tuck And Roll

Even though leather is water resistant naturally, we take no chances when it comes to the tech inside. The Rolltop features a really unique design that lets you easily access your goods, and easily seal them up too. Tuck and roll the leather, buckle the sides and you have yourself a secure and super cool pack to hit the road with.

Hardware that Goes the Distance

Buckle up in style and with peace of mind. Our hardware doesn't just look gorgeous, the antique brass buckles can take quite the beating elegantly. We used a very very strong brass for these buckles, cutting no corners, where many people see profit margins, we see an opportunity for integrity and flawless workmanship.

Our Promise: Satisfaction Guaranteed.

We back up every bag with 25-year leather warranty and a 30-day money-back promise. The Heritage Rolltop Backpack will roll its way into your heart as a steady companion in your journey. That is our Pad & Quill promise. Welcome to the family!