Oxford Leather iPad Case 7/8 Generation

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The Oxford Leather Case for iPad Pro 10.2 is a full leather, multiple propping position iPad Pro case with included interior pocket.


Oxford Leather Case for iPad Features:

  • Perfectly Fits the iPad (7th and 8th Generation)
  • Smart Keyboard Compatible - Just wrap it all up and take with you!
  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Crafted from a single piece of American Full-Grain Bridle Leather
  • Built-in Apple Pencil Holder
  • Strong and Durable Slim Profile
  • Interior Pocket for documents
  • Elastic Strap Closure
  • New Secure Locking Adhesive Technology from 3M, Residue Free
  • Self-propping iPad Pro Horizontal Viewing Stand built-in
  • UV-resistant, marine-grade nylon stitching
  • Smart cover with magnetic on/off feature
  • Ultra soft American leather interior
  • Available in two colors - Whiskey and Chestnut
  • Signature of the artisan subtly placed in every case!
  • 25-Year Warranty & 30-Day Money Back Promise
  • Weight: 10oz
  • Dimensions: 10.1 in x 7.1 in x 0.5in
  • Corporate gifting options available


A great iPad needs a great leather Case

Think about how much you will be using your new iPad? A quality leather case is the best way to ensure this marvel of technology is well protected for many years to come. We took a single piece of genuine American full-grain leather, lined it with a supple and soft black leather lining and stitched it all together with thread that used in sail cloths. Yep Sailboat strength stitching is actually a thing. We've even included a leather apple pencil holder that keeps your pencil secure and always nearby for the latest note or new idea.

So how do you create a gorgeous strong genuine leather cover that still seems slim and protective? The 7th Generation iPad will lock right in place with a very special clean release adhesive we developed with 3M. Secure, residue-free, removable, and re-attachable, it works like magic. Peel off the cover, line up your iPad, and press down. That's it! If you need to take the iPad out for one reason or another, no problem. Just pull from one end with sustained directional force. This means you can take it out when you need to, but it will not come out when you don't want it to either. The Oxfords are used by tens of thousands of our customers with rave reviews. 

Other Features of course include a self propping stand, a convenient card pocket and the leather case will turn on/off your 2019 iPad with specially hidden magnets when opened/closed! Who does not love a good magnet? As with all our Oxford leather iPad cases, we use a lovely and durable elastic closure similar to a moleskine journal. Finally each cover has the initials of the artisan discreetly hidden inside.This is our way of celebrating the folks whose hands made the work of art that protects your Apple iPad from now on. 

Trust us...you have to break it in! This is not some cheap leather from the jungle. We are only using the very best leather in the world, that's not a joke. This leather takes abit of time to break in and will be stiff when you first get it. Once it breaks in, it will feel as familair as an old baseball glove or well broken in leather boots. 

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