Leather Copertina Case and Stand For M1 MacBook 14

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The Leather Copertina case is designed to disguise, protect and creatively prop up the M1 MacBook Pro 14 inch laptop. The case and stand are crafted with American full-grain leathers, durable stitching, and a soft woolen interior. 

The Leather Copertina Case and Stand Features:

  • American full-grain leather and soft, durable woolen interior.
  • Designed for the 2021/2022 M1 MacBook Pro 14"
  • Also Fits 2016-2021 MacBook Pro 13"
  • Wrap back for a built-in laptop stand!
  • Disguises MacBook Pro like an actual book
  • Includes a full-size pocket for documents
  • All ports accessible, including heat vents and speakers
  • Excellent edge protection design
  • Self-propping stand built-in
  • 2 Year Leather Warranty
  • 30-Day Money-Back Promise
  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • Weight 1.2lb
  • Dimensions 12.7" x 9.2" x 1.2"


A Leather MacBook Case With Standing Benefits. 

Copertina [Koper'tina'] comes from an Italian word that refers to a book sleeve or jacket. The Leather Copertina has design cue's from book history including it's unique leather spine wrap design. This hard case provides a smartly designed stand for working on desks or the couch. Fold the case back like a paperback, and your laptop stand is ready to go. 

Crafted from the very best leather globally, American full-grain and then lined with a durable and soft slate gray woolen interior. Holding this case feels as good as using it. Each case is crafted by hand and made with artisan skill. Even the stitching thread is durable and is the same thread used in parachutes and sail cloths. We are utilizing an improved 3M repositionable clean release technology that is strong enough to securely hold the new M1 MacBook 14 inch while allowing for removal if needed.

We are as proud of the beauty of this hard case for MacBook Pro as we are of the artisans who make it. Discreetly hidden in every case are two initials; those are the initials of the person who made that case for you. That's our passion here at Pad & Quill. 

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