Lowry Edition Apple Watch Leather Bands

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An Apple Watch leather band born from history and ready for adventure. Fits 42 and 44mm Apple Watch. Made with USA leather hides, tough hardware, and strong stitching.



  • Soft and slim handcrafted leather band
  • Fits 2020 Apple Watch Series 6 and SE
  • Specifically sizes: 42 & 44mm Apple Watch's (All generations)
  • Sizing- 125-215mm wrists
  • Luxuriously strong full-grain leather top
  • Precision UV-resistant marine-grade stitching (used in parachutes, sails, and more)
  • Durable Matte Black & Polished Nickel hardware
  • Signed by artisan discreetly under the strap
  • 25-year leather warranty & 30-day money-back promise
  • Free domestic shipping


A Leather Apple Watch Band Ready for Anywhere while rooted in Minneapolis.

We love celebrating the home town through our products. The Lowry Edition Band for Apple Watch is one of those examples. The strap is named after the Lowry bridge which is just a few blocks from our office in northeast Minneapolis. Like this newly renovated bridge that provides a daily route between the cities, the Lowry Leather band is designed for the perfect daily carry. When we say perfect, we mean if you enjoy wearing gorgeous leather with stylish trim and details.

This leather watch band is crafted using USA hides that are transformed into amazingly soft full-grain leather. The bands are stitched with an ultra-strong UV resistant thread and finished with a soft pigskin lining that conforms beautifully to your wrist. The hardware is strong and easy to take on and off for your daily use. Occasionally you'll see the underside of the band and notice a signature. That signature is the initials of the person who made the band for you. Celebrating the Artisan is a key part our 'Why' at Pad & Quill.

The band comes with a 25-year leather warranty and 30-day money-back promise. Please remember our full-grain leather starts a bit rigid but within weeks will become so soft you'll swear you never remember anything different.

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