The Leather Laptop Tote Bags

Professional Leather Laptop Tote Bag

The Leather Laptop Tote Bags

  • Chestnut
  • Whiskey

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  • Free domestic shipping
  • Padded pocket for 13 inch laptops, up to 15 inch in the center of the bag
  • Two-color combinations. Whiskey with Red or Dark Chestnut with Ocean Sea Teal
  • INCLUDED Leather clutch accessory with every tote
  • Works wonderfully as an iPad Pro leather tote bag
  • Water bottle strap closure
  • American full-grain leather

  • Luxurious yet playful herringbone lining
  • Large interior pocket with an additional zipper pocket
  • Parachute-grade, UV resistant nylon stitching
  • Strong antique brass hardware
  • Spanish polished nickel zipper overlay
  • Each bag crafted and discreetly signed by the artisan
  • 25-year warranty & 30-Day Money-Back Promise
  • Dimensions 15in W x 11in L x 3.5in D
  • Weight 2.3lb 

A Leather Laptop Tote as Professional as it is Gorgeous.


While considering the design for a leather laptop tote, we quickly realized there is a sea of leather totes that are just variations of each other. So we set a goal to stand apart and bring a leather tote to our customers that is like no other. Our goal was ambitious. Make a tote that is far more than a simple big bucket for your daily carry. Create a leather tote that is equal parts professional and head-turning stylish. Include in the thoughtful design of this bag many useful features and hidden extras. Essentially make a leather tote so beautiful and useful that your purchase will only become more valuable as you use it.

When you first pull out this tote, you smell the magnificent aroma of full grain leather. Upon opening the bag you are greeted by tasteful, color-complimenting, upholstery grade lining that is impossibly soft to the touch, while very durable. You will find a padded 13-inch laptop or iPad Pro pocket with a closure, and multiple zipper pockets. There are also various other compartments to store water bottles, hard drives, and journal notebooks, as well as two eleven-inch leather clasps for securing car keys, or other important items.

We include in every bag a compact leather clutch crafted with the same exact materials as the tote. The leather clutch provides plenty of space for credit cards, cash, make-up, and small work-related items.

We did not set out to make a common tote. We crafted a very uncommon tote that will tell your story and endure for decades.

Welcome to the Pad & Quill Family.