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Modern Leather Bags
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Mid-century Modern Leather Luxury, Crafted By Hand.

Inspired by mid-century designs, our exquisite range of leather laptop bags, overnight bags, and desk accessories embodies craftsmanship. We've meticulously shaped each piece with a deep-rooted commitment to quality, adorning them with captivatingly sleek contours. The material of choice? None other than the resplendent American full-grain leather, a testament to unparalleled grandeur.

We've seamlessly woven these heirloom pieces with threads reminiscent of those found in resilient parachutes. The result? A symphony of strength and style that echoes through each stitch. These aren't mere commodities; they are artisan crafted, ready to grace your home, or office, or accompany you on leisurely weekend sojourns.

And oh, the stories they'll hold! With the passage of time, these leather companions will develop a rich patina, an individualistic fingerprint of your story. A promise we stand by, underscored by a robust 25-year leather warranty. This isn't just a purchase; it's an investment in a saga that will gracefully unfold over decades.


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