Deluxe Leather Journal Cover Small

All-Leather Journal Notebook Cover

Deluxe Leather Journal Cover Small

  • Chestnut
  • Whiskey


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  • Designed for the Pad & Quill Small Journal Notebook
  • Order with a Small Journal Notebook and save 50% on the notebook! 
  • Full-grain American leather
  • Parachute grade thread
  • Elegant french-hemmed edges
  • Thick elastic band closure
  • Two leather colors: Chestnut & Whiskey
  • Pad & Quill signature orange accent stitch
  • Dimensions: 5.7in x 4in
  • Discreetly signed by artisan who crafted it
  • 25-year leather warranty
  • 30-day money back promise
  • Corporate gifting options available


A Small Leather Notebook Cover That's Guaranteed for 25 Years of Your Brilliant Journaling


Crafted to perfectly fit the Small Journal Notebook from Pad & Quill. Notebooks come and go through life as your ideas wax and wane filling the pages and eventually necessitating new journal space. A leather journal cover, however, always stays the course. It is always there, cradling the world of journaling for you, year in and year out. The beautiful thing about our leather journal cover is that the leather interacts with your touch over time by developing a patina. A patina is entirely unique to each user. Every bump, scratch, and touch of the hand to the leather only enhances it. The leather grows more rich in hue and ages like a fine whiskey.

Our American full-grain leathers are hand selected for quality and will endure the test of time. They will not crack, fade, or flake, but will in fact get more beautiful with use. The journal cover is stitched with parachute grade UV resistant nylon thread, which is a fancy way of saying- it's extremely well constructed!

The attention to detail is what really makes this journal cover stand out. French-hemmed edges are not easy to sew, but our Artisans’ incredible attention to the finer details and commitment to quality make it worth the extra effort. The result of that hemming process is a stunningly elegant edge to the cover and a durable one at that. We like to finish it off with our signature accent of an orange stitch. The juxtaposition of colors provide a gorgeous contrast with just a hint of bold personality. All this elegance pulls together with a durable elastic band closure for convenience and a trustworthy security. Welcome to the Pad & Quill Family. Happy Journaling.