Laptop Bags For Women, Women’s Messenger Bags & Women’s Briefcases

Laptop Bags For Women, Women’s Messenger Bags & Women’s Briefcases

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Stylish & Versatile Laptop Bags for Women

Women's Work Bags & Messenger Bags With 25-Year Warranties

Whether you are headed towards a big meeting with a client, a playdate for the kids, or just out on the town to have some fun, we have got you covered with a pleasing array of work bags for women. Our bags are built to last. That means these bags are your ally as you face the rigors of a busy schedule year in and year out. We guarantee our leather for 25 years because we are that sure of the quality.

Here at Pad & Quill, when designing laptop bags for women, we rely heavily on the prototype testing phase. We want to know that our bags can withstand even the unexpected demands of heavy daily use. As we design and test, we tweak until we reach perfection. The result is messenger bags for women that can go the distance and look gorgeous while doing it.

Travel bags for women shouldn't have to sit in the closet most of the year. Because our bags are designed to be so versatile, they can fill more than one category in your life. That's the beauty of thoughtful design and thorough testing. Welcome to the Pad & Quill family.