Men’s Leather Bags, Leather Briefcases & Men’s Messenger Bags

Men’s Leather Bags, Leather Briefcases & Men’s Messenger Bags

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Truly Enduring Leather Bags for Men

Men's Leather Bags With 25-Year Warranties

Essential to our design process is being sure that we are balancing beauty with usability. We want to craft leather bags for men that don't just look the part but can fully live the part too. Our bags are thoughtfully designed to be useful in the modern world with space for a laptop, iPad, and cords galore. In our modern age, leather briefcases for men have become a sort of mobile office and everyone wants an office with a view. So we have made our bags with gorgeous full grain leather and parachute grade nylon stitching that just overflows with style.

Our Artisans really are the secret behind the magic of our leather messenger bags for men. They excel at picking the choicest leather cuts and pairing them just right with the best crafting materials we could source for a result that is so much more than the sum of its parts. Gone are the days where laptop bags for men had to be drab boxy black leather or nothing. Here at Pad & Quill we design to inspire.

Welcome to the Pad & Quill family!