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Classic Journeyman Leather Wallet

Slim Men's Leather Wallet

Classic Journeyman Leather Wallet

  • Chestnut
  • Chocolate
  • Whiskey


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Product Details

Journeyman Classic Leather Wallet Features:

  • Combine with any Traveler iPhone case and recieve $20 off! (Limited time offer)
  • The classic "just right" bi-fold wallet
  • American full grain leather
  • 4 Colors to choose from: Chestnut, Whiskey, Chocolate, and Galloper Black
  • Ample pockets to carry cash, ID and credit cards
  • Parachute grade stitching
  • Rounded corners makes this a great front pocket wallet
  • Orange accent, our tribute to World Vision
  • Designed to age and patina with use
  • Measurements - 4 1/4in x 3 5/8in
  • Free Domestic Shipping
  • 30-day money back promise & 10-year leather guarantee
  • Designed to carry 9 - 12 Credit Cards


The Journeyman Is The Best Leather Wallet for Men

(Ok, we say that about all our leather wallets)


With names like The Traveler and the Midtown, Petula Clark would be pleased if we named our new bi-fold wallet The Downtown, but this creation is anything but carefree. The Journeyman leather wallet was carefully crafted to stand out for its eye-catching beauty, which will wear like an old bomber jacket.

Crafted from full-grain leather, hand-stitched parachute grade nylon stitching and rigorous attention to detail, the versatility of this leather wallet will impress you and everyone you encounter. Rounded corners make this a perfect leather wallet for your front pocket. Constructed with multiple card slots, cash pocket and some nifty accent stitches, this is a take-everywhere wallet, all the while maintaining a slim design. We even considered including a laminated Pad & Quill business card, because, yes, you will be asked about it that often.