Elastic Strap For Bella Fino Edition & Aria iPhone Case

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Elastic strap for Bella Fino and Aria iPhone 11 Cases

Elastic Strap Features:

  • Built for the Bella Fino Edition & Aria iPhone Cases
  • Durable 12mm wide extra thick elastic band
  • 8 color options to choose from
  • Dual secure locking G-hooks
  • Parachute grade stitching
  • Lifetime elastic strap warranty


Customize Your iPhone Case!

Customize your Bella Fino Edition case or your all new Aria Case for iPhone 11 with an elastic strap color combo as unique as you are. These removable and replaceable elastic straps will secure your case closed with style. Built from extra thick 12mm wide elastic they are extremely durable and a cinch to replace. Simply unhook the g-hook from the back of your Bella Fino Edition case or Aria iPhone Case and replace the stock band with a fresh beautifully colored one! What color combo will you choose?

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