MacBook Pro 13 Inch Cases

MacBook Pro 13 Inch Cases
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Handmade MacBook Pro 13 Inch Cases

MacBook Pro, Meet Your New Book Smart Case.

When does a MacBook Pro 13 inch move from a cool aluminum shell to something you can't wait to pick up and hold? We think it's when you surround the love of your computing life with a handmade Pad & Quill case.

Choose from either genuine leather cases and sleeves, or pick one of our locally handmade bindery book cases. The best choice for your MacBook is daunting, but we promise if a laptop could scream in joy... this would be the moment.

Our MacBook 13 inch leather cases and sleeves are made with leather that is so tough we warranty it for over 25 years. While the careful hands of our artisans guide the product through it's construction process, UV resistant stitching and tough hardware ensure decades of use. We even include a discreet signature of the artisan in all our MacBook Pro cases. That's our tribute to the artisan and it's a huge part of who we are here at Pad & Quill!

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