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MacBook Air Cases That Are Equal Parts Passion and Protection

MacBook Air, Please Meet Your Defender

Thinner than air... We will never forget when Steve Jobs introduced the first MacBook Air by pulling it out of a yellow envelope that had been sitting on stage during the 2008 presentation. The Macbook was so thin, so beautiful... so fragile!

Think of our MacBook Air cases as being one part your stylist, one part your mom. Dress to impress, to stand out, and for goodness sake, wrap something around you to keep you safe!  We think this applies to all of our MacBook Air 13 inch cases and sleeves. Your laptop is going to look fantastic, while protecting that thin little investment of computing power. Mom and your stylist would be proud!

All of our MacBook Air cases are made by hand, using American genuine leather or classic book bindery techniques, to create a book that protects... your 'Book'! These cases wrap around the actual MacBook body and use proprietary clean release 3M technology to allow a minimalist approach to a stylish appearance.

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