MacBook Cases

MacBook Cases
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MacBook Cases that Inspire and Disguise

Putting the Book Back into MacBook

The MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are sleek, silver engineering marvels. However, no matter how whiz-bang the specs, it's hard to form a connection with an aluminum shell. Our design inspiration behind a case takes a MacBook Pro 13 inch laptop and creates a genuine work of art. We wanted to bring back the historic tradition of bookmaking and turn it into a Macbook case like no other.

Practicality is not forgotten here. We make sure that every case and sleeve offers superior protection from drops, dings and other scratches that happen on your daily carry.   You can choose from our luxurious leather MacBook cases and sleeves, or go local and pick up one of our Saint Paul, Minnesota, created MacBook cases. They are handmade with the material used in archival quality books. The risk is low as we warranty our leather for 25 years and our bindery cases for one year.   Add our 30-day money-back promise and you might just have to pick up a new ‘book’ very soon!

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