iPhone X Plus Cases

iPhone X Plus Cases

iphone xs plus cases


New Leather iPhone XS Plus Cases & More Coming Soon!


Bigger is always better! The newly revealed iPhone XS Plus boasts a screen that shines like a jewel and functionality that is standard setting. As always, our highly-skilled team of designers and craftsmen and women are hard at work designing and crafting the very best cases, covers, and accessories for this new Apple release.

Great craftsmanship meets outstanding natural materials in our cases. We source the very best full-grain leather from US ranches, the most durable traditional veg-tanned leather, and wonderfully grained FSC certified hardwoods to make a whole new line of cases for iPhone XS Plus that will enhance the beauty, protect the goods, and amaze those who see it.

Our leather craftsmen and book binders use generations-old traditional techniques to create the best wallet cases, covers, and accessories for today's most amazing devices. Stay tuned for updates and pre-order announcements!


Pad & Quill iPhone XS Plus Case Announcement

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