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Heritage Pocket Book iPhone X Wallet Case

Full Grain American Leather iPhone X Case & Wallet

Heritage Pocket Book iPhone X Wallet Case

  • Chocolate/Charcoal
  • Galloper Black/Charcoal


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Heritage Pocket Book iPhone X Wallet Case Video Heritage Pocket Book iPhone X Wallet Case Video

Product Details

Heritage Pocket Book Features:

  • Fully compatible with wireless charging
  • Full-grain chocolate leather spine
  • Naturally veg-tanned leather sides with natural cut edge
  • Grows richer in color with use learn more here.
  • Included: 1oz Leather balm to enhance the patina process
  • Durable Baltic Birch wooden frame
  • Slate gray leather interior
  • Perfectly fits the iPhone X
  • Ultra-slim lay-flat full-grain leather card pockets (fits 5-7 cards & cash)
  • Quick-access viewing space for a business card or ID card
  • Marine Grade, UV-resistant, nylon-stitching
  • New & improved camera aperture opening
  • All ports and cameras fully accessible in-case
  • *Flash not fully supported
  • 30-day money back promise & 25-year leather warranty
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Dimensions: 6.25 x 3.75 x .75


Luxury iPhone X Wallet Case With A Story: Yours.

Age this leather iPhone X case to create your own work of functional art

We have achieved the trifecta with the Heritage Pocket Book. Baltic Birch frame, full-grain leather spine, and a premium veg tanned leather body. The Baltic Birch is precision cut and supremely protective. The full grain leather is durable and gorgeous. The premium veg tanned leather is a blank canvas full of possibilities. With time, every square inch of that leather will tell a story: Yours. As you use it, Heritage Pocket Book will become a unique work of art. We invite you in on this process with our Heritage Pocket Book iPhone X Wallet Case.

The premium veg tanned leather of the Heritage Pocket Book will darken and patina with use and exposure to sunlight. Over the weeks and months to come, it will expose its true character and beauty. To aid this process, we are including a small tin of leather balm. Simply apply the balm and use the case, it will tan and darken naturally and uniquely as you handle it. To speed up the process, set it in the sunlight for a few days and watch the colors develop and deepen as the real beauty is exposed. You truly become the artisan of your own case.

With use, the edges of the case darken even further, making for a rich patina effect that rivals the most treasured of leather books. Each one will be unique depending on how you use it, and the Heritage Pocket Book will continue to develop a patina and story over the course of its life.

In fact, you might love this leather case so much, that when the next iPhone upgrade is released, you may be hesitant to leave your Heritage Pocket Book behind. It's an occupational hazard of being an exceptional artisan.