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iPhone X 6.1 Cases

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New Leather 2018 iPhone XC Wallet Cases & More Coming Soon!


We are excited to be making cases for the new 2018 iPhone 6.1, iPhone XC, or whatever it's going to be called. Rumors say it'll come in 5 colors! Rest assured, no matter the name (or color), our crack team of designers and artisans are on the job to create the very best wood and full-grain leather cases to protect the one you love.

The process starts with selecting the very best natural materials around like full-grain USA sourced leather, veg tanned leathers that age stunningly, and FSC certified hardwoods that highlight the lines of mother nature. With the best materials available our artisans craft iPhone XC cases that protect, enhance, and amaze all who see them.

Utilizing generations-old book bindery and leather crafting techniques, our leather craftsmen create stunning works of art that we can proudly stand behind. Stay tuned for updates and pre-order announcements!


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