Wood & Leather iPhone 8 Wallet Cases

Wood & Leather iPhone 8 Wallet Cases

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iPhone 8 Wallet Cases Crafted from Real Hardwood and Leather

Courage Meets Craftsmanship in Each iPhone 8 Case

As the iPhone evolves, so does what we expect from our cases. We keep the design process for each new iPhone case dynamic and full of possibility. But one thing never changes, the level of craftsmanship we expect from each case we make. We source only the best materials we can find and use only the best artisans we have to make each case exquisitely beautiful and superbly useful. Real American Hardwoods, full-grain American leather, aramid polymer fibers that are 5X stronger than steel, and parachute-grade UV resistant nylon stitching, are just some of the amazing materials we have curated to make some of the most outstanding iPhone 8 cases on the market.

To show that we truly stand by our work, every wallet case for iPhone 8 comes with a 30-day money back money back guarantee and a 25-year warranty on the leather. Sure, 25 years for a warranty is probably overkill, but why not offer what we know we can give? People come to Pad & Quill for a style that is uniquely theirs and a quality that they know will never let them down. That being said, courage, meet craftsmanship.