Handmade Wallet iPhone Cases

Handmade Wallet iPhone Cases

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iPhone Wallet Cases That Are As Luxurious As They Protect

Old Meets New With Pad & Quill's Leather iPhone Cases

What if the most intriguing part of your iPhone wasn't the iPhone? Something magical happens when you apply old-world artisanship to modern-day technology. The outcome is something more beautiful, human and usable. We crafted our Pad & Quill iPhone cases to work better for your device, and feel better in your life.

Nowadays our iPhones get used on a daily basis, more than our wallets. So why not combine the two into one magical, everything-you-need product? That is exactly what we were aiming for with our iPhone wallet cases. One part wallet, one part iPhone case, one part artisan masterpiece, and all parts awesome.

Our card-carrying cases for iPhone let you use the interior pockets to house credit cards, money, IDs, or business cards. Your device sits securely in our well-designed cases. Choose from one of our custom Bella Fino iPhone cases or pick one of our classics that include a gorgeous hand finished wood frame to secure, protect and disguise your iPhone to look like a real book... case. Our American genuine leather that surrounds every one of these cases is so high-quality we guarantee it for 25 years!