2020 iPad Pro Leather Cases

2020 iPad Pro Leather Cases

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2020 iPad Pro Cases That Work Like Magic

Hand Crafted Leather Cases and Folio's for iPad Pro

With the introduction of the 2020 iPad Pro's and the new Magic and Smart Keyboard, the future of work might look different. We love how the iPad Pro now blurs the line between a proper computer and a beautiful tablet of glass and aluminum. We also know that those combinations of Apple Pencil 2, Magic or Smart Keyboards and an iPad that costs something similar to your dad's first car are worth protecting. Our theory is to ensure that your leather style is equal to the practical protection provided by our line of products for the iPad Pro. 

What is the right accessory for you? All our cases and folios are handcrafted by artisans with generations of leatherworking. So whatever you choose, we guarantee you will be delightfully surprised.