Crafted Leather iPad Cases

Crafted Leather iPad Cases

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Luxury iPad Cases that Look Great in Your Hands and on a Bookshelf

Moving The iPad Case Forwards Towards The Past

For all it's technological advances, what we love most about the iPad is that comforting familiarity of a finely bound book that it leaves you with. We enhanced this experience by creating a case for the iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPad Pro that have the feel of a finely bound book with the protection of a modern durable case. We accomplished this by suspending the iPad in a sturdy Baltic Birch frame that harkens the pages of a book, and encasing it in a durable cover.

Our iPad covers and cases are as varied as books themselves. Our handmade bookbindery cases reflect the ethos of the past with archival quality buckram cloth to durable linen covers with a fantastic hand-feel and a classy notebook look. The Oxford leather iPad case is cut from a single piece of full-grain American saddle leather, for a rich heritage design and luxurious feel. The Aria iPad case takes it one step further with a foldable cover for a self-propping iPad case. And for the quirky and self-expressing out there, there are the Author and Graduate lines of patterned iPad cases. For minimalist iPad users, our Contega Thin, Walden Collection, and iPad sleeves will do the trick.