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Cartella Linen For Macbook 12 Case

"Book" Case With Multiple Positioning Options

Cartella Linen For Macbook 12 Case

  • Cranberry Linen with Slate Gray interior

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Comes in 3 Beautiful Color Options


"The Cartella put the 'book' back into MacBook (or at least around it) and it’s sure to turn heads." - Dan F.,

 You've trekked to the Apple store and invested in the thinnest laptop Apple has ever built. But now the sleek white box is discarded and the last vestments of natural elements are gone. That's where the Cartella Linen enters the picture. A textural wonder of library archive quality linen buckram that totes the durability of books centuries past their origination date. We've designed this propping case to invigorate your appreciation for beauty while offering function and protection that appreciates the design genius that brought this laptop to your home.


Standard Features:

  • Handmade in St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Fits all models of the MacBook with 12" Retina screen
  • Beautifully hand finished Baltic Birch wood frame
  • Wraps back (paperback style) to provide a perfect laptop stand
  • Pocket included that holds full 8 1/2 x 11 documents
  • Rugged design to protect your Macbook 12
  • Access to ALL ports
  • Secure bumper/wood system to hold your laptop
  • Classic journal/moleskin elastic closure
  • 1 Year Warranty and Lifetime Wood Warranty
  • Weight - 14 oz



9" x 12.7" x 0.7"