Canvas Wax

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All natural canvas wax that refreshes and restores your canvas bag.

Canvas Wax Features:

  • 3 oz. container
  • Enhances water resistance of the canvas
  • Protects and restores treated & untreated canvas fabrics
  • Reduces the appearance of marks & scratches on waxed canvas
  • Completely odorless after applied
  • Deeply penetrating, all-natural bees wax and seed oils provide long-lasting protection
  • All natural. Contains no harmful silicones, petroleums, solvents, or other chemicals


Give Your Canvas Some Love


Pad & Quill's filter-twill canvas is some of the best waxed canvas available in the world. Crafted in the oldest waxed canvas factory remianing in the USA, its tightly woven fibers can stand up to years of use, and the deeply penetrated wax keeps the canvas highly water resistant. Over time though the wax in a waxed canvas bag needs refreshing to keep it water resistant, a little extra protection goes a long way. Pad & Quill's Canvas Wax is a specially formulated mixture of bees wax and all natural seed oils that deeply penetrate, restore, and waterproof canvas. Our canvas wax is made in the USA from all natural goodness without any harmful chemical additives making it safe for you, your skin, and those you love.

Simply apply a layer of wax in small circular motions to the canvas until fully coated. Use your fingers to smooth it out a bit. Then use a hairdryer on medium heat to melt & set the wax deeply into the canvas. Let the fabric cool down, and voila! Your waxed canvas bag is fully restored, waterproofed, and as better than new!

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