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  1. Buying Guide: Screen Protectors and Wallet Cases for Your iPhone 11 Pro

    Last month Apple announced the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. And while there were plenty of great new features including the 3 cameras, longer battery life and a new display system, one of the most exciting features was that the glass casing was supposed to be tougher than ever… even to the point of scratch resistance. However, a few weeks into sales, and reports have been trickling in of the phone scratching easier than any of its counterparts. We’ve collected the best ways to protect your iPhone 11 with a screen protector and wallet case so you can go back to focusing on how exactly to best use three cameras again.

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  2. Interview with the Designer: The Gladstone Leather Duffel Bag

    Join us each month as we interview the designer behind some of our favorite Pad & Quill products. We'll talk design process, usability and more. Read on to hear about the Gladstone Leather Duffel bag.

    leather laptop bag

    This month Pad and Quill is giving plenty of love to the Gladstone Leather Duffle Bag. As both a functional duffle and leather laptop bag, it's the best of both worlds and can easily transfer from boardroom to business class with ease. We sat down with Brian, founder and designer of the bag, to learn about the inspiration behind the design.

    What was your inspiration for the leather duffle bag?

    leather duffel bagI'll always remember weekends up north with the family.  We were 2 years into making leather laptop bags at PQ when I looked around and realized I did not have a duffle to carry anything in.  I literally carried my stuff in a brown paper grocery bag.  That was the

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  3. The Weekly Babble: Chow Chow Times 2?

    Join our founder Brian weekly, as he writes up his babbles, musings and thoughts from life as a father, entrepreneur and tech enthusiast. Read on to hear more from the life of the Pad & Quill team. 

    Hello Friends,

    Another Chow Chow? Are you kidding Dad?

    That was the response of my youngest Quill (19 year old) when he found out that Dad was actually considering the adoption of a 2nd Chow Chow puppy.

    He really should not be that surprised. One aspect of my character is I don’t do boring. I like lots of variety in my life.  Therefore when you have a dog as cute as Philbert, it seems almost a moral imperative to give him a little sister.

    Right? I think I owe it to Philbert.

    Like the possible expanding variety of dogs coming to Mr PQ’s house. We are super stoked about our new Bella Fino Cases for iPhone X/XS and 11’s.  You can now tailor your leather iPhone case with a unique and protective strap color. Wait what? A strap? You mean something that wears out? Well, we thought that through too. It’s removable and replaceable!

    Have a great week!

    (Mr PQ)

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  4. The Weekend Trip: How to Pack Your Duffel Bag Efficiently

    The Weekend Trip: How to Pack Your Duffel Bag Efficiently

    Short trips, from a quick business trip to seal in new investors or a weekend away camping, calls for packing the essentials. The duffel bag (often called "the weekender") is the perfect choice for fitting everything you need and can easily be paired with a suitcase or stand alone. Read on to see how to best pack your bag from a work weekend to weekend away.

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  5. How to Restore Your Genuine Leather Bag

    How to Restore Your Genuine Leather Bag

    When you purchased your first genuine leather bag, you invested in a product meant to last. Why else invest in something so high quality? But with the unique beauty of full grain genuine leather, comes  great responsibility.

    Owning a high quality leather good for years can lead to plenty of wear and tear. Life happens. And by life we mean cats, coffee spills, babies and more. No matter what kind of wear and tear your bag has been through, we’ve collected the 5 best ways to restore leather and bring new life to your favorite leather bag.

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  6. How To Save Battery & Preserve Battery Health On iPhone

    how to preserve iphone battery life

    Your iPhone battery is the most important part of your device. If that isn't working, then all the features and apps in the world won't do you any good. However, with a few easy steps, you can make sure that your battery holds a charge and stays charged for longer.

    The lithium-ion batteries inside new iPhones more reliable, longer-lasting, and safer than previous generations. That said, they aren't without their quirks and needs. Here are some great tips on how to extend the life of your iPhone battery and get the most out of it:

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  7. The Best Bags for Work: How To Choose the Right Bag For Your Career

    leather bags for work

    It might be your first grown-up job, a promotion, or a career change, it's a great time to get a new bag for work. By taking a little bit of time to carefully select your next bag, you'll end up with a fantastic work companion for decades. One of these four best work bags ought to be the right fit:

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  8. PQ Style: Men's Fashion Tips - 6 Essentials for the Rugged Gentleman

    Trends can come and go, but a true, rugged gentleman's wardrobe is here to stay. While remaining constant, a man's closet ought to reflect his intrepid spirit and classic taste. He might incorporate modern styles, but he is certainly not getting a whole new wardrobe every fashion season. So, to get him on the right track, we've taken our top 6 essentials for the rugged gentleman:

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  9. What Is a Weekend Bag? (And Why You Need a Leather Duffle Bag)

    A weekend bag is just that, a bag that's perfectly tailored for weekend getaways. There's just enough room inside for a weekends' worth of clothes, a Dopp kit for toiletries, and some other essentials. A weekender bag needs to have both a shoulder strap for carrying crossbody, able to be worn on the shoulder and also include handles for a quick grab. Weekend bags are soft but structured. The very best weekend bags are made of leather for durability, fashion, and comfort. Lastly, when fully unzipped, the opening to a weekender bag is wide enough for full access to its contents.

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  10. The 6 Types of Men's Leather Wallets

    There's only one shot to make a great first impression. Whether or not you mean to, your wallet says a lot about its' carrier, you. Even dressed up to the nines in your best clothes with a fresh haircut, a ratty wallet can undo all your hard work. Thus, when shopping for a new wallet, choose one that's both functional and handsome. There are a lot of wallets out there, and it can be hard to choose the one that strikes the balance between working great and looking great. Don't worry, we've narrowed it down to six stellar types of men's leather wallets.

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