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  1. iPad Mini Screen Protection

    iPad Mini Screen Protection

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    The iPad mini, as with any Apple device, is sleek and sophisticated—something you should be proud to carry around and show your friends. An iPad mini with a cracked or damaged screen, however—not so cool to carry around.
    If you want to keep your tablet looking sharp, you might want to look at your options for iPad mini screen protection. Even though the screen is designed to hold up under typical use, we all know that accidents happen. With a screen protector, you can breathe a little easier, knowing that your iPad mini is safe and sound.

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  2. How to Install a Zagg Screen Protector for MacBook Air

    How to Install a Zagg Screen Protector for MacBook Air

    Although a screen protector is one of the most invisible ways to protect your MacBook Air while preserving its sleek design, installing a screen protector can be a challenge, especially if you've never done it before. Thankfully, the pros at Zagg have divulged some of their best secrets for getting a screen protector installed perfectly. Here are some of the tips they have to offer:

    1. Wash your hands first.

    Sounds a bit like your mom telling you to wash up for dinner, but Zagg's first tip is to wash your hands before trying to install a screen protector. The skin oils on your hands can leave fingerprints on the device and the screen protector, which can make for a frustrating process of do-overs.

    2. Line it up correctly.

    What starts out as a slight misalignment at the top of the screen can turn into a lopsided installation

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  3. Does the iPhone 5 Need Screen Protection?

    Does the iPhone 5 Need Screen Protection?

    It's the never-ending debate: does the iPhone 5 need protection or not? While most Apple fans like the sleek, slim design of the iPhone 5 without any embellishments, the thought of scratches and scuff marks is worth adding extra protection. No one wants to look at a screen marred with scratches and fingerprints. We have a whole range of protective iPhone cases to keep your screen safe and sound, however sometimes a little additional protection will go a long way too.

    Why a screen protector?

    The iPhone 5 screen is constructed with Gorilla glass, which means it can withstand quite a bit of abuse without getting scratched or cracked. But as accidental (and intentional) drop tests have shown, the Gorilla is not without its weaknesses. Too much abuse will crack, scratch, or dull the glass.

    So how does a piece of plastic protect the screen?

    Good question. If Gorilla Glass can't get the job done, how

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