MacBook Air Damage Test by CNET TV

How tough is the MacBook Air? That's what CNET TV set out to find with their extreme torture test posted on YouTube. The 8-minute video shows the MacBook Air enduring a series of four tests: extreme cold, extreme heat, impact, and water damage.
Unfortunately, this laptop had none of the protection offered by PQ's leather MacBook Air case.
See how the laptop fared in the video below:

1. The Freezer Test

Ever left your MacBook Air in the car on a cold winter day? If you live in a place like Minnesota, that's pretty easy to do. CNET improvised with placing the MacBook in the freezer for two hours.
If your MacBook Air doesn't turn on right away after leaving it in the cold, let it thaw out a bit before trying again.

2. The Heat Test

Ever left

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