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  1. Best Ways to Prolong Battery Life

    Best Ways to Prolong Battery Life
    iPads are so technologically advanced today, it’s almost impossible to put them down. But the more they’re used, the faster the battery drains. Here’s how to keep it ticking as long as possible.

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  2. How to Make iPhone Battery Last Longer

    How to Make iPhone Battery Last Longer

    by Esther P.
    Funny how easy it is to take electricity for granted until you lose it. Don’t get me wrong. I love storms. Heart-attack thunder cracks and drenching rain give me an adrenaline rush. In fact, I’m not even opposed to having the power go out for a few hours. But after 3 days without power and no electricity in sight for a few more days, it’s got me thinking about how I can make the battery power on my smartphone last as long as possible. At a time when everything else feels disconnected, a phone that works feels like my one connection with the outside world.
    The one thing you’ll hear people complain about most when it comes to the iPhone is battery life. If you’re a smartphone-aholic, you might not even be able to go 12 hours without recharging. Fortunately, there are ways you can save power and make your iPhone battery last longer between charges--especially when you know you won’t be able to get to

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