Gift Ideas for iPhone 5

Buying a gift for someone—even someone you know really well—can be tough. Fortunately, if they're an iPhone 5 owner, you've got plenty of options for buying a gift that's both practical and personal. There's an iPhone 5 accessory for everyone—even your aunt with the crazy cats.

1. iPhone 5 Case

The most basic iPhone 5 accessory is a protective case. Once you scratch or drop your iPhone, there's no going back. Make sure that doesn't happen by protecting your phone with a case, such as the Little Black Book iPhone 5 case from PQ.
Besides shielding your phone from drops, nicks, and scratches, a iPhone 5 book case also offers theft protection, since it looks just like a moleskine notebook rather than an expensive iPhone. Throw in a Zagg screen protector for

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