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  1. More then just a bumper case

    More then just a bumper case

    When we came up with the idea around the Traveler case for iPhone 5/5S we were inspired by my late father who carried a coin purse with him his entire life.  You can read more about that story here from this past March.

    Check out our video as well  Story of the Traveler Case.

    We love bumper case function and the more minimal approach they provide for an iPhone. What we hate is tons of plastic and injection molding.  That's everywhere.  We really wanted the Traveler case to wrap leather around an iPhone like a cool evening jacket. Like that trusty coat, the cover needed to also be practical.

    After dozens of prototypes we arrived at a case that we think fits these passions. Gorgeous full grain leather, stitching and very intricately handmade by our brothers and sisters in Leon.  We can even attest to

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  2. Is the iPhone 5 Shatterproof?

    Is the iPhone 5 Shatterproof?

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    Your iPhone rings. You dig around in your purse (or your man bag) trying to get it out before the call reaches your voicemail. In one of those Murphy's Law moments when you're fumbling around with your phone after you finally dig it out, your iPhone 5 slips out of your hand and hits the pavement. Does it shatter? Or does it come out unscathed?
    iPhone 5 case

    iPhone 5 Gorilla Glass

    The iPhone 5 was built with "butter fingers" in mind. The iPhone 5 gorilla glass screen is designed to be nearly impossible to break under typical use.
    That said, I've seen more than one iPhone with a shattered screen. Although the

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  3. iPhone 5S and Possible 5C Rumored to Launch on Sept 10

    iPhone 5S and Possible 5C Rumored to Launch on Sept 10

    by Esther P., Pad & Quill Techster
    When there's a new iPhone about to launch, rumors start flying. Some of them are wild guesses. Others are fairly accurate.
    The rumor that Apple will be hosting a media event on September 10 to announce the launch of the iPhone 5S and possibly a low-cost iPhone 5C seems to be true, however. The rumor was reported by AllThingsD, which has a strong track record when it comes to making predictions about Apple's next move, according to MacRumors.com.

    iPhone 5S

    Rather than using a pattern, PIN or password to unlock your iPhone, the new iPhone 5S will feature fingerprint sensor software that authenticates the user without the need for remembering passwords or patterns.
    While analysts predict that the fingerprint sensor will eventually be able to authenticate purchases using your iPhone, they don't believe iOS 7 is currently able to handle anything beyond user

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