iPad 3 and Cameras

When the iPad 2 came out, I thought adding the awful .8 MP camera was a brilliant move by Apple.


Admittedly anecdotal, I had heard many people state they would hold off on buying an iPad
until a camera was included. Well, Apple not only included one camera, but two bad ones!
This was a very good marketing move as many of my fence sitting friends suddenly found themselves
owners of the iPad 2 last year. I wonder how many of them ever use that camera?
I especially wonder about the ones who have an iPhone 4 or similar smart phone quality camera?
These cameras blow away the iPad 2 in quality and you don’t feel so dorky holding up a big
tablet to take a .8 MP camera shot.
Some days I think I actually felt guilty we put a camera hole in our cases considering quality
of photo vs. a hole in the back of one of our

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