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  1. Meet the Bella Fino Slim Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6 & 6s

    Meet the Bella Fino Slim Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 6 & 6s


    Made for the iPhone 6 & 6s, the Bella Fino is a slim leather wallet case that has been thoughtfully designed for the minimalist with refined tastes. Meticulous attention to detail and luxurious high quality materials characterize this beautiful thin wallet case, adding only a mere .28 inches to the overall thickness of the iPhone itself. It also comes in the larger size for the iPhone 6 Plus & 6s Plus. Let’s dive in and take a closer look at its design.

    The Leather

    bella-fino-leather-iphone-6-caseWe take one single piece of the highest-grade, full-grain American steer leather around, and preserve its enticing character by utilizing only the best portions of the hides. This leaves us with a product that delights the senses, as you run your fingers across the rich and supple texture of the finished leather. All of this combines to add a new level of richness to the beautifully designed iPhone 6 & 6s.

    bella-fino-interior-leather-colors-iphone-6-caseThe interior leather is made from a very high grade top grain leather. Our color combinations honor

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  2. What it means to be Pad & Quill


    When you enter the world of e-commerce and begin talking with various consultants the conversation eventually leads to dropping the name of “a guy” they have overseas who can mass produce your product with shoddy materials and psuedo craftsmanship, while guaranteeing great margins. There is a prolific market for cheap crap, as non discerning consumers push for more and more. While business can be built within this paradigm, it’s not building with impunity.

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