The Yin/Yang of the PQ marriage

As my declaration of need for an audio office evoked such a lively discussion in our “comments” section on Facebook, I determined a trek to the Apple Store was warranted.  I have conducted audio experiments in side-by-side comparisons of Bose, Dr. Dre Beats, and Apple standard issue headphones. Dr. Bose won in a landslide.  Noise cancelling will be deferred for now, but sound quality will not, I'm going for the other Doctor of headphones.

As the Memorial weekend brought luxurious weather, it seemed fitting that a paddle on our local chain of lakes should preface a trip to the Uptown Apple Store.

“I need to get a hat.”  Great, Hoigaards, our local, family-owned outdoor store is on the way.

“I was thinking of the haberdashery.”

I seriously doubt they sell bucket hats at the local haberdashery.

It’s a Henry vs Humphrey style debate that plays out regularly in our house.

He says, “I need shorts”.  I say, “Great REI is having a sale. “  He says, “I was thinking Banana Republic”

We go for cocktails.    I say, “Hand me a long neck Bud Light with a vodka shot in the neck.”   He says, “Hendricks, straight, on the rocks”.

He is “shaken, not stirred” while I am known to belt my favorite rendition of “Jose Cuervo” while getting dressed for the night.  (Truth be told, I favor Don Julio Reposado but that doesn’t rhyme as well)

It’s Pad & Quill in a nutshell.  We hold our love of natural beauty and skilled craftsmanship in a 24 year relational weave of yin and yang, black and white, “little bit country/little bit rock and roll” tapestry and somehow by God’s grace it all works out.

It’s like how our product line compliments and works together.  The Bella Fino for my iPhone 5, which I love for its simplicity and ruggedness, slips perfectly in my Field Bag pocket.  It’s almost like Mr. PQ planned it that way.

It’s almost like he knew Father’s Day was coming up so we are showcasing two of our most beautiful iPad cases this week.  The Aria for iPad Air and the new Walden Case for iPad Air and iPad mini

I’m going off the grid next week, which should allow Mr. PQ a rejoinder to my many musings.  I’ll return with a full report on iPhone 5s GPS, Gaia GPS, GoalZero solar chargers and how to get lost without being lost in the Superior National Forest.


Mrs PQ