Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference began on Monday and the opening keynote unveiled an array of new software features. Thousands of people watched with wishlists full of what they wanted from the new updates, ourselves included! Apple rolled out huge updates and innovation for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple products. So many, in fact, it can be a bit hard to keep track of. We decided to break down the extravaganza and lay out some of the best cutting-edge features headed to iOS12, MacOS Mojave, AppleTV OS, and more. The majority of which are anticipated to arrive in the Fall later this year.


The new iOS 12is focused on efficiency and refinement. Siri is getting some much-needed updates and Notifications is slated for a facelift. We have long suspected that Workflow would feature heavily in iOS12, but having it turn up in Siri was a delightful surprise. She can now launch first and third-party apps.

Additionally, iOS users will have a completely redesigned iBooks, so much so, that it now goes by Apple Books. The Stocks app is also headed for a refreshing new design. It'll now show off stock trends with the "sparkline" at a glance as well as collect relevant News stories. We're excited to see all of Apple's marketplaces catch up to the App Store.

Communication is going to look completely different come Fall time. Now, you can corral notifications from all types of apps and silence them with just a tap. Additionally, business meetings are more effective and virtual family time is more moving with group Facetime. Up to thirty-two people can join, and whoever is talking will be emphasized with a larger portion of the screen. We'll also be getting time tracking and limits for the apps we use across our devices. It's a little nervewracking in the interim, but a great way to get a handle on over usage.

Memoji is a custom version of Animoji. You can definitely see Pixar's influence and Apple has stepped over the uncanny valley that Bitmoji resides in. Soon, we can record as unicorns, koalas, and cartoony avatars.

The launch of an updated Carplay was long awaited. It'll support 3rd party maps like Waze and Google Maps. Road trips with Liam Neeson voiced navigation? Sign us up twice.

Mac OS

Mac's new operating system, Mojave, features a brand new dark mode and redesigned app store. Rumor has it, we'll be getting free preview trials of paid apps before committing. Also, there will be a Safari overhaul to help anonymize and protect data. Its accuracy and ability is crowdsourced, so the more people that use it the better. Later on in the keynote, and with tongue in cheek, Apple reminded us that they will not be merging iOS and Mac OS any time soon. They did, however, add a framework for programs to easily make the switch to iOS.

Watch OS 5

Watch OS is in store for an overhaul. Not only will the Apple Watch be able to detect workouts, it'll have the option for specific workouts and calculate calories burned with accuracy. The new OS will also have a Walkie Talkie mode for messaging. (We're pretty curious to see how that'll work out, but our money is on a mix of James Bond plus M*A*S*H.)

We are getting some more watch faces with OS 5, but we aren't able to have custom watch faces just yet. Even more troubling, the new beta version has bricked a couple of Watches already. Hopefully, the update just needs a patch and won't delay its release for too long.

This past WWDC has shown us that Apple really treasures its user base. From including older models in software updates, to refining common complaints. While there were no hardware announcements, we are anticipating some new iterations of the X. Some are even speculating that the current X will be discontinued and sold as an older and lower cost device.This is not unheard of, as Apple did the same thing with the iPhone 5 when the iPhone 5s and 5c launched in 2013. Rumor has it, there will be three new versions of the X altogether. They're anticipated to be smaller, feature an aluminum frame, single lens-rear camera and may not support 3D touch. Portrait mode is a pretty hard thing to give up, so stay tuned!