which iPad should I buy?

iPad Mini, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Pro 9.7... oh my... with all these options out there are you wondering which iPad you should buy? Life is full of choices, so let us help you with this one.

The iPad is a very cool device and it can fit into your life in many different ways. It works great for reading ebooks, browsing the web, shopping online, playing games, creating art, and you can even run your business from your iPad Pro! But which iPad is best for you? Check out these questions below to determine which iPad is just right for you.

Should I get an iPad with a Cellular 4G/LTE Data Plan?

lte cellular ipad

All iPads models come in two versions- the more expensive option with Cellular 3G/4G capability, and the less expensive version without a SIM card. Which one do you need?

Well, if you have a phone with a data plan already, then likely you won't need an iPad with cellular since you can easily tether your phone to your iPad for quick internet if your cell service provider allows it (T-Mobile does for free).

However, if you enjoy the freedom of surfing the web from anywhere and anytime, don't mind the extra expense, spend a lot of time out of the house, and don't like to connect to local Wifi available virtually everywhere nowadays, then an iPad with cellular is a probably a good option.

How Much iPad Storage Do I need?

iPads come with many different hard drive storage sizes. So it depends on what you plan to use your iPad for. That being said, you cannot upgrade the storage on an iPad easily, once you buy it you are stuck with that size. So we recommend staying far away from 16GB iPads since you will just be kicking yourself later on unless you only want an iPad for web browsing and ebook reading. For most people, a 64GB of storage is more than enough on their iPad. With 64GB of space, you can store many thousands of photos and ebooks, download plenty of games, and even keep a few movies and shows handy for watching at your leisure.

However, if you know you will be storing a boat load of high-resolution photos and videos on your iPad, enjoy having entire series of tv shows at your fingertips, or love to play the fancy high-end iPad games that require buku storage, then the 128 GB iPad is likely your best bet. When in doubt, go big on the storage.

What Size iPad Should I Get?

what size ipad?

Right now, you have 3 sizes of iPads to choose from. The iPad Mini has an 8-inch screen, the iPad Airs have 9.7-inch screens, and the iPad Pro has a hefty 12.9-inch screen. Which one is best for you?

The 8" iPad Mini is great for portability. The small size means it can fit in small spaces, is quick and easy to pull out and use, and it's great for casual web browsing, game playing, and reading. If you need to access your iPad frequently while on the go, this is a great size to go with. It is a great option for casual users and kids looking for something cheaper but also powerful enough to help with school work. However, this is about where the usefulness stops. Also, if you already have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, then we recommend avoiding the iPad Mini. The screen sizes feel almost identical and redundant.

The 9.7" iPad Airs are fantastic all-arounders. Big enough that you can do some serious work on the screen, but not bulky and gigantic like the iPad Pro. The screen size is fantastic for multi-tasking, document creation, and other more serious uses. When paired with a Bluetooth keyboard, this bad boy becomes a seriously portable workhorse. Additionally, the new 9.7" iPad (reportedly it will be called the iPad Pro 9.7 or iPad Air 3) will have smart keyboard connectivity, stereo speakers, and work with the Apple Pencil so artists and designers can rejoice at that. This new revelation makes the iPad Pro 9.7 a very tempting choice for nearly everybody looking to buy an iPad.

The 12.9" iPad Pros are beasts. At first, they look and feel ridiculously large, but then, like the iPhone 6 Plus, you fall in love with it and can never imagine using something smaller. They are also serious workhorses and are packed with power. For artists and designers or entrepreneurs looking to replace their laptop with a tablet, the 12.9" iPad Pro is a great size. The split screen functionality lets you get a lot of work done at the same time, and Mr. PQ has used it exclusively to run his business for extended periods of time. The stereo speakers, gorgeously large high-def screen, and large storage capacity make them great for watching movies on-the-go as well.

That being said, they are hugemongous. You certainly wouldn't want to be pulling this bad boy out on a crowded commuter train, in a busy bar, or anywhere you don't have plenty of elbow room to work. If you wouldn't classify yourself as a "power user" then we don't recommend the 12.9" size, but if you do know your way around an iOS device, and are willing to adapt to a new working environment then this just might be what the doctor ordered.

Which iPad Should I Buy?

which ipad to buy?

Ok, so now you know whether you need LTE cellular or not, you know how much storage space you need, and you have an idea of what size iPad is best for your needs. Now comes the tricky part... which iPad should you get?

For The Budget Conscious: iPad Mini 2.

If you are looking for a great cheap tablet to surf the web, keep up on your ebook reading, play casual games, and budget is a concern, then you can't go wrong with an iPad Mini 2. It doesn't have fancy things like fingerprint identification, but you probably won't even notice it's not there. 32GB size is probably best for most users in this class as well, we recommend staying away from the 16GB version at all costs.

For The Student: iPad Mini 4.

The iPad Mini 4 has the newer more powerful A8 processor, fingerprint identification, supports multi-tasking, and can handle most any app on the App Store these days. It's a great little tablet that offers the best in portability and will make a great companion for any student looking for a study buddy. It may be small, but it has the heart of a champion. Again, avoid 16GB like the plague and splurge for the 64GB version here, you will thank us later. However, if your student already has an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, then you probably want to skip this and go up one size.

For The Affordable All-Arounder: iPad Air 2

Small iPads are great and all, but sometimes you need the power of a faster processor and the screen real estate to get some actual work done. Plus... let's face it our eyes aren't getting any better. The iPad Air 2 is a great all-around iPad that provides the most bang for your buck right now. It can multi-task like a champ, and is fast enough to run even the most graphically intensive apps and games without a hiccup. Sure, it isn't Apple Pencil compatible, and can't connect to the smart keyboard, but most users won't need these features. Additionally, you can get them for less than $500 on sale, which makes them a solid contender if affordability is a concern. As always, 64GB or 128GB storage space is a must.

For The Best Of Both Worlds: iPad Pro 9.7

This is our new favorite tablet. All the portability of an iPad Air 2, and all the power and functionality of an iPad Pro. Pair it with an Apple Pencil and it becomes the tablet to get for artists and designers. An A9 processor means its got power where it counts as well and you won't see it slowing down with any of the current generation of apps. If you have an iPad already and have been waiting to upgrade, this is the tablet to get. If you don't yet have an iPad but want to add one into your workflow and see yourself doing actual work on it, this is the one to get. We also recommend checking out the awesome iPad Pro 9.7 cases we have on sale in our store.

For The Serious Tablet User: iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is for serious tablet users who have used the smaller iPads before and found them lacking. It is big enough and powerful enough that it can reasonably replace a laptop computer and you won't miss it once you get over the learning curve. The enormous screen real estate lets you get up close and personal with your work, and if you happen to work for Pixar or ILM, then you certainly appreciate that when you are creating works of art and animation. If budget isn't an issue, getting serious work in a touch screen environment is of interest, and you love to get lost in the beauty of a giant screen, the iPad Pro is the cat's pajamas.

For Nobody: iPad Air

The poor little iPad Air is really showing its age now. It isn't fast enough to handle multi-tasking but is too big to be considered truly portable. With the new generations of iPads coming out this one will soon be put out to pasture. We recommend avoiding the original iPad Air and saving your pennies for the Air 2 if you want a medium sized tablet that can do a lot.

Which Color iPad Is Better?

Space Grey. It has the word 'space' in it. 'Nuff said.