2018 reflectionsHere at Pad & Quill, we've had a year of incredible growth, happy times, and just an all-around great time. This year has been busy, but it's a stellar one. As a company, we launched our new iPad Pro cases, the Brilliant Journaling series, and the Heritage Bag Line, whew! In our personal lives, we've welcomed babies, puppies, and new friends. Do you remember in grade school tracing your hand to make a turkey and then saying what you're grateful for? Turns out, gratitude is an impactful, lifelong exercise in mindfulness and has numerous health benefits.

As the year winds down, let's take some time to reflect on what we're grateful for. I checked in with some of our team to see what they were feeling thankful for.

Here at Pad & Quill, We're Thankful For...

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Brian, our Founder & CEO (aka: Mr. PQ) mentioned this as the highlight of the year, "One of the things I’m most thankful for this year is the friends that surround me at PQ. I have folks that are following their passions like I am in business and their camaraderie and support is amazing. "

He goes on to say, "Pad & Quill, like every other small business, has the excitement of reaching new peaks as we did this year with our new Heritage bags and Journals. Yet it also has the challenging aspects of managing the cash flow to make sure products get to everyone on time and the bank account is still above zero! This group of friends who also take on these challenges of small business understands me, get my fears, joys and occasionally my dad jokes. For those brothers and sisters in small business arms, I am very grateful."

Then, I asked Fallon, who has helped bring delight to our customers for over 3 years. She said, "I am grateful for my beautiful family and the time we spend together." This year, she helped welcome new team members, helped us grow, and became a new plant mom.

After chatting with Fallon, I reached out to Dawn, our Operations Manager, she took an introspective moment and said, "I’m thankful for a husband and true friends who have stuck by me when times haven’t been so great. I’m thankful for an incredible job that I get to come to every day that fulfills me and brings me joy."

Lastly, I took a moment to reflect on what my year has looked like. I took out my journal and wrote down what I'm grateful for. To begin with, I'm happy to split my time between Marketing and Customer Service around here. Additionally, I'm feeling exceptionally appreciative for the moments of laughter and happiness this year has brought. On a lighter note, I'd like to thank coffee and chocolate chip cookies for existing. Lastly, I was thrilled to have welcomed our CHO (Chief Happiness Officer), Philbert the chow to the team.


We Are So Grateful For You

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There was one common thread woven into everyone's gratitude, we are all thankful for you. Thank you for supporting our craft, our dream, and for sharing our passion for artisan-made, durable goods. You made this all possible. Words will never be quite enough to describe just how deeply and sincerely we are grateful. Thank you for being a part of the Pad & Quill Family!

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