A weekend bag is just that, a bag that's perfectly tailored for weekend getaways. There's just enough room inside for a weekends' worth of clothes, a Dopp kit for toiletries, and some other essentials. A weekender bag needs to have both a shoulder strap for carrying crossbody, able to be worn on the shoulder and also include handles for a quick grab. Weekend bags are soft but structured. The very best weekend bags are made of leather for durability, fashion, and comfort. Lastly, when fully unzipped, the opening to a weekender bag is wide enough for full access to its contents.

Why You Need a Weekend Duffle Bag

A weekend bag is the most popular type of travel bag because of the freedom it gives. You can have the freedom to head out at any point, and go anywhere. A weekend bag is larger than a backpack but smaller than a traditional suitcase. It's perfect to just grab and go for a weekend trip. A weekender duffle bag is ideal for carrying on a flight, like this full-grain leather men's weekend bag or this iconic men’s leather travel bag.

What to Look for in a Men's Travel Bag

A real weekender bag is roomy and comfortable. It also needs to be soft-sided, not overly structured or else you'll be carrying a giant rectangle of a bag. Any weekend bag worthwhile will be handcrafted out of a durable material that can withstand the rigors of travel. When looking for a travel bag, it can be tempting to cheap out on a bag. However, a flimsy bag with even flimsier hardware won't make it past the first trip - if it manages to survive being packed.

We recommend a leather exterior. The leather will add a vintage charm to your trip and will protect your belongings as you travel. Our nylon stitching is parachute-grade, so feel free to load up on extra outfits, organize your tech gear, and even some extra snacks for the trip. Leather is not only amazingly longlasting, but it will also improve with use and time.

Another thing to look for is the quality of the handles and hardware. If you're carrying anything in your bag, for any amount of time, inevitably, a cheap strap or zipper will pop off making the bag useless. On a good travel bag, the shoulder strap will be padded for comfort and adjustable. Plus, the carrying handles should be well-made and thick, they need to last for the next few decades. The strap and handles ought to be made out of leather, a rugged, comfortable material to make sure they endure.

Don't forget to look at the hardware while you're at it. Look at the buckles, pins, rivets, and feet of the duffle. Our duffle bags feature a premium Japanese YKK dual zippers and unbreakable hardware, these bags can conquer anything.

The Best Leather Duffle Bags

Most weekend bags don't have an overly complicated interior. Instead, they're left open and spacious. One or two zippered pockets will suffice. This simplified interior lends itself to easy packing and organizing. However, the inside of all travel bags aren't created equal. Keep an eye out for the lining of your next bag. A good weekend bag is not only lined but the fabric it's lined with is easy to clean and adds character to the duffle.

A great weekend bag is more than just a list of great qualities. Get the right weekender for you, and you'll have found a travel companion for decades. Welcome to the Pad and Quill Family!

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