Have you every caught your reflection in a window, paused and asked, “when the heck did I start wearing Dockers?” Well, that's sort of what happened to us.



This January Mrs. PQ and I fired up Safari and ventured over to padandquill.com. That's when it hit us, our site is not Pad and Quill. Not at all. We're fun people with a passion for technology, art, literature and life. Our current site does not convey who we really are. So we began a journey of discovery – and we'd appreciate your advice! We figure if you're interesting enough to own a Pad and Quill case, you're probably clever enough to have some darn good opinions too.



So far, it's been an illuminating journey. Turns out Kari and I weren't even on the same page at times. But we're getting close to something pretty amazing. So throughout the upcoming weeks we'll be sharing all sorts of ideas, designs, logos, fonts, colors and who knows, maybe a product idea or two. We're out to make padandquill.com every bit as interesting, unique and well made as our products we offer. And we'd love it if you'd come and share an opinion or two.



Come on, let's build something together.




Your fan,



Mr. PQ




Well, if only the website was currently as awesome as our front door ;)