The initial price of the iPhone XS Max is a pretty large hurdle, but it isn't the only obstacle that comes with upgrading. The new iPhones have the best displays in a smartphone, hands down. That's amazing and reason alone to make the switch, but that means it needs to be protected. There's nothing quite like the panic of dropping your phone as it plummets to the ground, or being asked if you've got the new iPhone and cringing as you take it out because the screen is obliterated.  Save yourself some anxiety, time, and money by protecting your iPhone XS Max screen now.

Add a Screen Protector to your iPhone XS Max

iphone xs max screen protector

The first step in protecting your new device ought to be pairing it with a screen protector. When searching for a new screen protector, we are big fans of tempered glass. Tempered glass is up to five times stronger than regular glass and doesn't affect the actual look and feel of the OLED display and touchscreen. It maintains the functionality of the iPhone but ensures it is protected from whatever life throws at it. These protectors have saved our backsides many many times over.

Your iPhone screen protector is the first line of defense, and you want to make sure it's been applied properly. We'd highly suggest stopping by your local Apple store and picking up Belkin's Anti-Glare system. It may seem easier to order online, but they'll install the protector incredibly fast and well with their machines. If you're determined to go it alone, we suggest going for a screen protector that has a guide frame, like Omoton's Tempered Glass Screen Protector. While protectors can be reapplied, they do lose their adhesive qualities and it is best to get it right on the first try. There's nothing worse than getting a little piece of lint under that screen protector and having to see a tiny air bubble every time you look at your phone.

An image display replacement is now $329 at Apple so this small investment now can save you hundreds of dollars on repairs in the future. Pair it up with a case and you've got an outstanding defense for your iPhone. Speaking of cases...

Put Your iPhone in a Protective Case

protective iphone xs max casesWhile almost any case is better than none, the iPhone XS Max isn't just any phone and deserves a remarkable case. Our Luxury Book Protective iPhone XS Max Case is our most protective and beautifully crafted wood case. This case is ultra-protective without adding too much bulk and its natural materials add a touch of warmth and life to the iPhone XS Max.

The exterior full-grain leather envelops the iPhone, acting as a fantastic shield from the surrounding environment. We source the leather from only the best hides in America and rigorously inspect them for quality. It gives an exceptional feel while protecting the screen from impact. In addition to looking sleek, the folded leather edge is there to absorb shocks, and the moleskine style elastic strap keeps it all closed and safe.

On the interior of the cover, the wallet portion holds up to 7 cards plus cash. The interior is also fully leather lined, and your cards now bolster the level of protection. The cover also folds back, making it a cinch to use the iPhone one-handed, no more awkward phone shimmying. We believe in our leather so much, we warranty it for the next quarter-century. Throughout its journeys with you, it'll gain a rich patina. A patina is a mark of history, of pride and endurance on your leather case.

On the right-hand side, the iPhone XS Max clicks into the Baltic birch wooden frame. The wood has been precision milled down to the exact millimeter. Then we fit it with our high friction coefficient bumpers that secure the iPhone into the frame. This partnership between the wood frame and bumpers help buffer any falls and bumps while ensuring that the device doesn't rattle. The phone is fully protected while leaving all the buttons fully accessible and functional while within the case.

Life happens, and we'd rather it happen to our wood frame instead of your phone. That's why we warranty the wood in our cases for life! If during the life of your device anything should come up, we'll inspect it, repair it, and ship it back to you any time you need. For more specifics, please visit our FAQ.

Get iPhone Insurance

iphone xs max insuranceAnother way to defend your newest investment is to get insurance for it. Getting insurance for your iPhone XS Max might make you feel a bit disenfranchised, it's absolutely worth it. AppleCare+ is flat fee form of insurance, $199 for two years. It brings down the cost of repairing the image display (this includes the mic, front-facing camera, and screen) from $379 to just $29. Also within that 2-year period, other repairs are just an even fee of $99, no matter what needs to be done with it. Apple has laid out the cost of iPhone screen repairs, and it's not pretty.

It may be tempting to go with a third-party insurance, and they are certainly becoming more and more competitive, we recommend going with Apple's coverage. They are the experts, keep track of your devices, and are pretty ubiquitous. Too busy to make an appointment with the Genius Bar? They now offer mail-in repairs. Whoever you decide to go with, the cost of insurance is almost certainly more economical than going through the rigamarole and cost of getting your screen fixed.

How Do I Protect My iPhone XS Max Glass?

In just three steps, you can protect your iPhone XS Max screen and the longevity of your device. By buying a tempered glass screen protector, getting one of the most protective cases for iPhone XS Max. and getting AppleCare+ you can rest easy knowing your iPhone is protected.

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