There's only one shot to make a great first impression. Whether or not you mean to, your wallet says a lot about its' carrier, you. Even dressed up to the nines in your best clothes with a fresh haircut, a ratty wallet can undo all your hard work. Thus, when shopping for a new wallet, choose one that's both functional and handsome. There are a lot of wallets out there, and it can be hard to choose the one that strikes the balance between working great and looking great. Don't worry, we've narrowed it down to six stellar types of men's leather wallets.

Leather Bi-Fold Wallets

bifold mens leather wallets

Bifold wallets are a kind of billfold wallet with two distinct sections. Hence, the "bi" in "bifold". In between the two sections of a bifold, there's the spot where it folds. Because it's only two sections, a bifold leather wallet folds up quite a bit smaller than a trifold. This also makes it a versatile option, it can either be carried in a pants pocket, a suit jacket pocket or even tucked into a bag.

Minimalist ID Walletsminimalist credit card wallet

A slim credit card wallet is the best way to carry essentials without tons of excess bulk. The best wallets have an ID window front and center, with your ID easy to get to. On the other side, there are a couple of card slots as well as a pocket for a few bills. It's everything you need in one small package. If you're a receipt fiend, this may not be the wallet for you. However, if you've got a smartphone to keep track of your digital wallet, this minimalist leather wallet is magnificent.

Leather Credit Cards Wallets

leather credit card wallets for men

For a timeless look with modern appeal, look no further than our expanding leather credit card wallet. It's got all of the space of a trifold wallet, in the slim convenience of a bifold. Because of the extra pockets, you can easily place all your cards inside the Camden, up to 11! The result is a lightweight powerhouse of a wallet.

Leather Money Clip Wallets

folding money clip wallet

Most of the time, to get the convenience of a money clip, you'd have to sacrifice the comfort of a wallet. Not anymore! We created this money clip wallet with the best features from both worlds. Inside there is, of course, a secure cash strap. This wallet also banishes that awkward card shuffling that carrying a money clip always seems to come with. Don't worry, we've added a pull tab for quick access to cards to keep you organized.  The folding minimalist money clip takes the simplicity of the clip while providing the longevity and flexibility of a leather wallet. It's small, light, and incredibly handy to have.

Front Pocket Wallets

front pocket wallet

Front pocket wallets are ideal if you demand a lot from your wallet. There's room inside for cards and cash. Plus, the exterior features a leather money strap as well as push tab pockets for even more cards. It's the ultimate multitasker. This slim front pocket wallet has a slim profile, making it perfectly suited to the front pocket, pant pocket, or inside even a bag. If you want the most out of your wallet and want to carry on the tradition of a classic leather wallet, a front pocket wallet is the best way to go.

Men's Leather Travel Wallets

leather travel wallets

Simply going across town or jet setting across the globe, your wallet ought to be able to keep up. Leather passport wallets (also called travel wallets) are perfect for carrying all of your essentials without looking comically touristy. They're just the right size for carrying your passport, some cash, a couple of cards, and even some coins or SD cards inside the hidden pocket. Interestingly, the cash pocket is a perfect place to stash tickets and reservations.

The Best Leather Wallets

In the end, there is the right men's leather wallet is the one that suits your needs best. Our suggestion? Invest in a wallet that will stand the test of time, the rigor of every day, and look (and feel) amazing as the years pass. Most importantly, choose one that suits your style - one that you're proud to carry. Your next wallet is your next signature accessory. For some outstanding options, check out the rest of our handcrafted men's leather wallets.