Watch for our Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials!  Best values of the year are coming.


You can count on traditions at the PQ household around this time.  Several of these time honored  ones include a 5k turkey trot, ZERO Christmas music prior to midnight of Thanksgiving day, the annual 1.5 hour trip to cut a fresh tree and lots of good food with family and friends.  The richness of each year seems to magnify as each of our four Quills grow.  For example this is the first year we have one coming home from college for the holiday's. I'm still finding that one really strange.



I think that tradtions that we enjoy around this time of year are why we love being in this unique business.  We are passionate about the rich tradition of hand crafted products.  Our hand finished wood is simply that.  Cut on a big router but then hand sanded and coated with Varnishes to brighten and magnify the Glory of real wood.



Our iPad, iPhone, Macbook Air and Kindle cases 'Make the Case for Books' because that is what they truly are.  Handmade 'book' cases using traditional methods and materials like 'Library Corners' and bookbindery cloth from Arresotx a company with over 130 years of book making in their rich history.



Whatever your traditions are this holiday season we humbly ask you consider a new one!  A beautiful handmade case from Pad and Quill.  We think you'll find the fit, finish and handmade aspects of our products truly amazing.



Have a great Thanksgiving!


Mr. PQ